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A Little Companion of Humor and Life Lessons

by Oh Teik Bin, Steven Lee

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In a world where there is so much trouble, anxiety and stress, humor and laughter can be good medicine for all of us, young and old. Many psychologists and psychotherapists believe that laughter is good for the physical and mental well-being of us. A Little Companion of Humor and Life Lessons, like our previous Humor and Life Lessons books, namely the three Wisdom from Laughter 1,2,3 books and Spreading Humor, Sharing Wisdom has the objective of sharing good jokes and also providing Life Lessons for reflection.

There is a total of 200 jokes and pieces of humor each of which is preceded by a pair of successive lines of verse with rhythm and rhyme conveying a beneficial Life Lesson. The Life Lessons aim to impart moral and ethical values and teachings of wisdom and compassion.

May this book play a part to edutain many
to live a life more happily and peacefully.

About the Authors

Oh Teik Bin is a retired teacher. He has taught at ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels Chemistry, Physics, Additional Mathematics, General Science, English 1119, General Paper and MUET. He has also authored more than twenty school revision/reference books in General Science , Chemistry and a number of motivational books. “Wisdom From LAUGHTER” is one of his bestsellers.

Oh Teik Bin has a great interest in creative writing and has put hundreds of educational posts on the Internet . He also has a great passion for commercial slogan-writing contests and over the years he has won various prizes like a Condominium , a Jaguar , a Proton Wira, a Kawasaki KLX250 , holiday trips and cash vouchers.

Lee Kiang Wui is a Supervisor at the Grand Court Hotel in Teluk Intan. He is the co-author of “Wisdom From LAUGHTER”. With Oh Teik Bin he has compiled a number of motivational books. He too has great interest in subjects like humor, motivation and creative slogan-writing. On his own he has won a few prizes in some commercial contests.

Book Details

Oh Teik Bin, Steven Lee
Humor, Life Lessons
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5.28 x 7.32 inch
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Inspiration Hub

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