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Composer Who? Book 1

by Shireen Yoong

Buy Composer Who? Book 1 [Print]

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Book 1 consists of Vivaldi, Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Strauss 1.

The OBJECTIVE of this book: For children to have some basic knowledge of composers and their compositions at an earlier age. Also some basic knowledge of INSTRUMENTS of the ORCHESTRA and other components i.e. history, geography (maps), literacy etc.

Composer WHO? comes with the following:

  • A SIMPLE STORY TELLING of a composer from different eras;
  • PIANO ARRANGEMENT easy enough for a 1st and 2nd grader to learn the song in 2-3 weeks and quick enough for a 3rd grader to sight read;
  • QUESTION & ANSWER to evaluate the child on what they have accomplished during the lesson. Q & A pages set are similar to the ABRSM graded theory exam syllabus (Grades 1-5). Objective: For child to familiarise approaching each question with understanding in preparation for their graded theory exam. (Certain words will be highlighted in bold to prompt the child e.g. letter names, time name, tonic triads etc. so that there is clarity in mind knowing how to answer each specific question).
  • FUN GAMES, QUIZZES, TRIVIA and GENERAL KNOWLEDGE information about instruments and composer-related activities.

A note from me: To the teachers, have FUN introducing each lesson to your students. Keep pursuing your passion at all times. To the parents, BE ENGAGED with your child’s music education.

About the Author

Shireen Yoong is an educator.

Shireen believes that one is never too ‘young’ or too ‘old’ to learn, explore, create and innovate as time progresses. Having worked and engaged with both kids and adults, Shireen has trained, performed, taught in music schools, participated in recitals, concerts and events both locally and abroad.

Currently, Shireen works as a music tutor. She is attached to kindergartens conducting classes in music and movement, song composition for pre schools, percussion and dance choreography, writing story & music books for children, speech, drama, music and art related programs.

Book Content


Vivaldi.. “Spring” - Four Seasons page 4-8
Bach.. Musette in D (BWV anh.126) Page 9-13
Handel..The Harmonious Blacksmith Page 14-18


Haydn.. The Surprise Symphony Page 19-22
Mozart.. Eine Kleine Nacthtmusik Page 23-27
Strauss 1.. Radetzky March Page 28-32

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  • Author: Shireen Yoong
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Shireen Yoong

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Review on Composer Who? Book 1
3 years ago
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Shireen makes the music and stories engaging and fun for kids to learn. Kids feel a sense of achievement when they are able to play the music written by famous composers. Well done Shireen!!! Keep creating more books like these. The adults love them too. ???
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Interesting Piano Book
2 years ago
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Very interesting piano book comes with activities which makes the [piano lesson more fun for both teacher and student
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