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Crusades of Wizardry

A fantasy novel

by Lee Ching Kai

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Buy Crusades of Wizardry - eBook Edition [PDF]

RM 15.90

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The world is no longer as it once was, as Volcrox armies are planning to conquer their 86th planet, the Earth. After slaying the Fire Lord, the Smedaphites leave the planet in pursuit of Winfred Cowell, the only Smedaphite on Earth.

Upon bringing Winfred into Portable Accommodation, Winfred swears to give the Earth a help by mastering all his inherent skills. An unexpected war begins when dark forces from Bermuda Triangle wreak havoc in cities, before Winfred’s comrades set out on a quest to take the Royal Ring to release their prisoners.

Once freed, the creatures now follow the Smedaphites back to Bermuda Triangle. When the creatures betray their human partners, events take a dire turn.

The world is in danger when Polkren, a powerful monster, turns half of the USA and Mexico civilians into zombies. The war will claim a supreme leader before everything is done. Winfred must summon all of his courage and creativity when the unimaginable occurs: Foxpin, the son of Zeda, comes to the Earth with many spaceships at his command, and only one of the commanders is destined to survive the savage, epic battle.

Yet, the nightmare has not come to its end, as Foxpin’s son, Pocula, has another plan: he orders the hundreds of the souls of his demised ancestors to switch off the Earth’s sun.

The Volcrox armies seem so strong, and so formidable. Could Winfred’s armies win the incessant battle with the help of the Wand Girl, Moki? Could all universe creatures declare their independence? And could Winfred sustain such great pressure?

About the Author

"Lee Ching Kai is a graduate of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). Besides having a Bachelor Degree of Commerce (Hons) Accounting, he has completed the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) examinations. He is an author of 7 books. He has won multiple international book awards and writing competitions. He has won the Bronze Award in WOW Kampar's MENTION 2019 Best Feature Writing Award (Malaysia) and a Bronze Medal in Florida Authors & Publishers Association (FAPA) President's Book Awards 2020, one of the largest and most prestigious international book awards contests based in the United States.

Also a winner in Eyelands International Book Award's Three Rock Residency Program 2020 (Greece), he has been selected as the finalist in Eyelands Book Awards (EBA) 2020 (Greece). While having been longlisted in 2019 Bumblebee Flash Fiction Prize (Canada), he was shortlisted in Strands International Flash Fiction Competition 2020 (India) and longlisted in Strands International Flash Fiction Competition 2021 (India). He also won an Honorable Mention in Purple Dragonfly Book Awards 2022 (USA).

While he has been featured in The Star newspaper, he was also featured in Guang Ming Daily newspaper due to his accomplishments in the global awards contests. He has also been featured 3 times in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) online news."

Book Details

  • Author: Lee Ching Kai
Fantasy Fiction
Page Count


148 x 210 mm
Book Type
Paperback, PDF
Inspiration Hub

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