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It's Christmas!

by Shireen Yoong

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It’s Christmas!

A story about three friends, Danny Dino, Eumi Unicorn and Peter Penguin. Kids learn about teamwork in this Christmas Story. Danny alone cannot save a waddle of penguins all by himself. He needed friends to help. Kids learn that two are better than one and in a difficult situation, three are even better. Hence, a cord of three strands not easily broken. A three-strand cord is stronger than a one-strand cord. When individuals have friends who stand with them, they become stronger and more useful.

... and because "It's Christmas", 2 little gifts from author for all kids- 1. Art & Craft Templates for kids to create their own diorama/puppet play; 2. A pre-recorded Story Telling by the author. Enjoy!

About the Author

Shireen Yoong is an educator.

Shireen believes that one is never too ‘young’ or too ‘old’ to learn, explore, create and innovate as time progresses. Having worked and engaged with both kids and adults, Shireen has trained, performed, taught in music schools, participated in recitals, concerts and events both locally and abroad.

Currently, Shireen works as a music tutor. She is attached to kindergartens conducting classes in music and movement, song composition for pre schools, percussion and dance choreography, writing story & music books for children, speech, drama, music and art related programs.

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Shireen Yoong
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Shireen Yoong

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