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Let's Bake

by Shireen Yoong

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Let's Bake - A Baker or A Pastry Chef? (Age 6-10)

This book give kids a little "foundation" of what is like learning to bake, through the story they read. They illustrate the book through the prompting of the writer eg. recognizing basic baking ingredients like types of flour, wet and dry sweeteners, salt, eggs, milk, leaveners, fats, chocolate, extracts, flavoring and spices. They use their imagination to draw, colour and also learning some practical skills of kneading, rolling and even baking from a given recipe (of course with the help of an adult). 😉

Definitely a fun way to learn about baking.

I Write, You Draw, We Read series, kids learn through:

  • Reading a story
  • Reciting a poem
  • Singing a song- scan qr code for sing-a-long session with teacher
  • Drawing/doodling/coloring/painting their masterpieces
  • Fun activities

About the Author

Shireen Yoong is an educator.

Shireen believes that one is never too ‘young’ or too ‘old’ to learn, explore, create and innovate as time progresses. Having worked and engaged with both kids and adults, Shireen has trained, performed, taught in music schools, participated in recitals, concerts and events both locally and abroad.

Currently, Shireen works as a music tutor. She is attached to kindergartens conducting classes in music and movement, song composition for pre schools, percussion and dance choreography, writing story & music books for children, speech, drama, music and art related programs.

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Shireen Yoong
Children's Story Book
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7.5 x 10.83 in
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Shireen Yoong

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