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Of Bromances and Biting Cute Babies

Questions about Emotions You (Probably) Never Thought of Asking
by Eugene Tee & Tsee Leng Choy

RM 49.90

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RM 49.90

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The Science of Your Emotions. Explained Simply.

Why do people fall in love at the gym?
Why are office romances and affairs so common?
Why do I feel like pinching or biting a cute baby or puppy?

You’ll find answers to the questions above, along with others about emotions that you never quite thought of asking. It’s the science of your emotions, explained simply using reliable evidence from the psychological sciences.

Also included in this book are:

  • Tips on how to regulate your emotions!
  • Words for emotions you never knew existed!
  • Trivia that will make you a hit with psychologists!
  • Web links to Chris Hemsworth being a doting father!

“This is a wonderful book that is very reader friendly but does not leave out the science... provides superb coverage of a range of emotion-based topics that I am confident will be of interest to anyone with even the slightest interest in the topic of emotion.” - Professor John F. Connolly, Ph.D

“I am sure readers will find this volume to be a wonderful read – and will become more emotionally intelligent as a consequence.” - Professor Neal M. Ashkanasy, Ph.D, OAM


Eugene Tee, Ph.D. (University of Queensland) is Senior Lecturer in psychology with research interests in emotion and leadership. He enjoys video games, origami, and cat videos.

Tsee Leng Choy, Ph.D. (McMaster University) is a cognitive and clinical neuroscientist with research interests in emotion and consciousness. She is also a connoisseur of junk food.


Eugene Tee
Tsee Leng Choy
RM 49.90
Psychology, Popular Science, Emotions
Page Count
5.25 x 7 in
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