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Snake and Ladders of My Life

by V. Ambiavagar

Buy Snake and Ladders of My Life [Paperback]

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Snake and Ladders of My Life [PDF]

Read the PDF online here.

Snake and Ladders of My Life [PDF]

Read the PDF online here.


In 1905, Ambi was born to a dirt-poor family in the arid Jaffna peninsula in North Sri Lanka. At his death century later, he was eulogised as the much loved and revered Mr Education in the modern bustling city of Singapore.

He describes and reflects on his life.

He provides fascinating glimpses oflife though his innocent childlike eyes in a rural farming community in Jaffna, and subsequently through the maturing eyes as a penniless, orphaned, youthful migrant in Malaya and Singapore, under British colonial rule. His story includes personal experience of two World Wars, the Japanese Occupation of Malaya and Singapore. It continues through the birthing struggles and growing pains of a newly independent city-state of Singapore as it strives to throw off the shackles of colonial rule, while avoiding the perils of falling under the umbrella of communism.

Ambi tells of battles, tears and joys during his journey through the vicissitudes of life. In his self-depreciating style, he delves into his soul as an orphan seeking his identity, a youth trying to find a purpose in life, a young man discovering his passion for sport, and as a responsible adult finding his mission in moulding young minds and souls through education.

He peppers his tale with episodes of benign neglect and unthinking cruelty, of harsh lessons from guardians and redeeming love from friends and teachers. In later life, his growing maturity and self-achievement enables him to come to terms with the harshness of his youth, and derive lessons that mould his rigorous self-discipline, his unshakeable principles of right and wrong, and his understated generosity and love that won the hearts and loyalty of the students who passed through his hands.

Book Details

V. Ambiavagar
Memoir, Autobiography
Page Count


5.8 x 8.8 in
Book Type
Paperback, PDF
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