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Introduction: The War So Far...

When the Immortal Lord Hezekiah and his Necromancers raised millions of undead to conquer the land, the noble Paladins united the factions of the land to stand against the forces of darkness.

Many great battles were fought between the armies of good and evil. Many great heroic sacrifices were made so that future generations would still have a place to call home.

Though outnumbered and surrounded by destruction, the Paladins kept the morale of their army and allies alive.

The question that all past warriors have struggled with. “How do you kill an immortal? How can you defeat someone who cannot die?”

Two decades into the war, I have succeeded in advancing our army and allies into Hezekiah’s capital. My name is Gideon. I am a Paladin. I have a lifelong mission—to defeat the Immortal Lord Hezekiah and end the war once and for all.

And I am about to see this vision come true. For I have found a way to defeat the immortal. However, I also realized at Hezekiah’s most desperate moments, our enemy may have one final trick up his sleeve—a trick if unleashed could very unravel all the victories we had won so far.

I will win this war at all costs! This war must end! However, I also know that sacrifices are necessary to win wars. Am I willing to make such decisions for the greater good?

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